GD54 Introduction to Page Layout and Advertising Design

About GD54

Page layout and advertisement design are skills that every graphic designer needs to master! In GD54, you’ll learn how to apply important design principles by producing a variety of creative projects using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

We start off with a simple logo/wordmark and business card assignment that allows you to experiment with typography, design guidelines, and branding concepts.

The next project gives you the opportunity to develop a print magazine advertisement for a fictitious business. You’ll learn about publication requirements for magazines and designing for a target audience.

Project 3 features a trifold brochure redesign. Students take an existing design and update it. You’ll learn how to use grids and styles in InDesign in order to create an appealing and consistent design.

The final project gives you the creative license to pick your own topic, content and photos to create a four-page newsletter for an adventure travel company. Students pick their own destination and then use their typography, page layout and design skills to promote it.

All of the projects in this class reflect work that a graphic designer would do on a day-to-day basis and make great additions to a design portfolio. You get to practice your software skills while honing your design skills!